Grateful Dead Cros Sell Out

Any idea where to get them?

My teen and I are reading Malcolm Gladwell's Tipping Point right now, so it's funny that we came across this news today: the Grateful Dead crocs have sold out! They were just restocked and are so popular that they just can't seem to stay that way.

Although I'm not a fan of this style of shoe I can see its appeal and thought that if others knew of similar shoes, or of stores that might still sell them, they could share them for fans searching for them here in the chat. Do you know where you can get Grateful Dead shoes?

Share your links below!

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Grateful Dead Bath Salts

Get groovy and relax!

Ever since learning about the benefits of a good bath, I've been on the hunt for more ways to stick a bath in my routine. I normally struggle to find time for basic self-care, even while at home, so it's been a challenge. One thing I've learned is that if I buy a bath bomb or salts, I make it a priority to use what I've spent my money on! I'm sure many can relate to that kind of prioritization.

So when I found these cool Grateful Dead bath salts on Etsy, I knew I needed them! They're made with sea salt, Epsom salt and raw honey, without any synthetic ingredients, and they come in three groovy scents, not to mention super cute packaging.

What surprise Grateful Dead finds have you stumbled upon lately? Share them in the chat!

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Grateful Dead Jackets

What's your favorite style?

My teenager is all about cool coats and jackets, so we were checking out some Grateful Dead jackets the other day and came upon one that I LOVE. It's in the baseball style that I love, but it's one of those jackets that I think wouldn't arrive in the size it says it is. That made me wonder if other fans know of other jackets similar to this one.

I'd love a baseball jacket but it doesn't have to be this exact same style or even the colors. In fact, the more colorful, the better, and I love the dancing bears, so those would work, too.

Do you have a cool Grateful Dead jacket at home? Tell me where you got it in the chat.

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The Best Deadhead Hoodies

Share your favorites!

It's the time of year to hoodie up! Weather is getting colder, with many areas seeing snow. Tonight a cold front is moving in where I live and I know I'm going to wear my favorite hoodie tomorrow. I'd love some new hoodies to change out, though, and I was thinking we could share some favorites for that reason.

I'm so in love with this olive hoodie. Look at that sunshine pattern! These colors pop together and the price seems fair. It's much brigher and more detailed than many others I've seen for sale this year.

Which Grateful Dead hoodies do you have? Share them in the chat.

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Grateful Dead Ski Wear

Ever think you'd hear those words together?

Grateful Dead merch can be found in just about every store these days, from head shops to mainstream department stores and everywhere in between. The band is on booze, shoes, housewares and ornaments, and now they're inspiring a new line of mountain wear.

Artist Christ Benchlet is collaborating with Smartwool to create a collection of socks and tops to help improve performance while skiing and other mountain activities while sporting the Dead's designs. The items are designed for optimal temperature regulation and are available for purchase now.

What are the most surprising items you've seen inspired by The Dead for sale lately? Share them in the chat.

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Grateful Dead Bobbleheads for the Holidays

These are everything!

You know those Coca Cola polar bears that they put on the boxes and in commercials every year for the holidays? For some reason I just love them so much. I think they're adorable and I always look forward to seeing them. These super cute Grateful Dead dancing bears remind me of those bears, too!

Just look at them! I kind of need them all. Don't you? I think my favorite is the one with antlers but I love that they have a Hannukah bear SO much.

Will you be getting one or a set for the holidays?

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Inspiring Grateful Dead Quotes

Which ones inspire you?

If you're making a lot of gratitude lists, or thinking about what makes life meaningful and inspiring to you lately while you're at home more than usual, you might want to consider some of the Grateful Dead's most meaningful quotes. Song quotes resonate with us so well because they put our thoughts to music and help us connect in ways we may not have connected before.

This list of inspiring Grateful Dead quotes may be just what you need to be inspired. Whether you want to set a new intention of doing what makes you happy, or you need to be reminded that planting ice will only yield a harvest of wind, these words are ones we've all clung to at one time or another when in need of solace and connection.

Which of these quotes resonates with you the most? Share your favorites in the chat. 

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Grateful Dead Themed Brewery Opens

It's completely groovy, too.

A Grateful Dead themed brewery has opened up near Denver and it's a groovy sight to behold. I haven't been yet but the photos alone make me think it would be my kind of place. The vibrant art and chill vibe make me want to visit as soon as it's safe to do so again.

The owner has had to unfortunately close several of his other themed locations but he has some help with this one and I hope he's able to keep it going. It's a great time for us to offer small businesses support by buying curbside, getting gift cards and otherwise safely shopping when we can.

Do you have any Dead themed eateries or stores near you? Share them in the chat.

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Metallica Models Band On Grateful Dead

Lars Ulrich says their business model is based on The Dead's

Metallica is known as one of the few bands with strict principles that they stick to no matter what, and now it sounds like that model has come from following The Grateful Dead. What's interesting is that the band has cited influences from many different bands over the years, but this is the first time anyone can recall them giving a nod to Jerry Garcia and the gang.

Lars Ulrich revealed, "As far as Metallica is concerned, we have our own record label, [and] we pretty much try to control all the different elements in our little bubble, our little eco system. We’re financially independent… we sort of model our existence on the Grateful Dead…who considered themselves to be living outside of the mainstream… that’s been our dream, to just be independent, autonomous, to be able to create the music and not owe anybody any money. So when you say, Who has the control? we like to think that in our bubble that we do, but obviously we’re also very fortunate in that we can channel the success that we’re so grateful for into financial independence."

Would you have guessed that Metallica was influenced by the Dead? 

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Grateful Dead Animated Feature

What would it look like?

While there's some Grateful Dead animation to enjoy in the world, doesn't it seem like time for something new to enjoy? There's so much cool new animation technology that it's a waste to not put something groovy together with a Deadhead soundtrack.

Watching the movie Coco made me think this over. Something that bright and moving would work so well. It wouldn't have to be a similar theme; in fact, I would say that it should be something totally different. But it would be a really enjoyable medium.

What do you think a Grateful Dead animated feature in 2020 would look like? What should it contain?

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