Re-Imagination Album

Dave McMuray to release album in July

Grateful Dead songs covered by a saxophone artist? It's rare, but it's also not the first time. Dave McMurray is releasing his album Grateful Deadication next month for Blue Note Records. On it, he's reimagining the songs of Jerry and the gang. Fans can get a sneak peek by watching the video of his cover of Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter’s “Loser,” which even guest stars Bob Weir!

The album will feature a range of stylings, from rock and pop to soul and jazz. It all started when McMurray played alongside The Wolf Bros. I'm excited to hear it and see how McMurray's work sounds!

Will you be buying the album? Tell us in the chat.

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The WORST of the Dead

What would you submit for the worst song?

This post might step on some toes, but we always share our love of the Dead here so I thought I'd ask for the song you actually DON'T like from the band and see what we come up with together! It doesn't have to be limited to the Grateful Dead if you honestly can't come up with something--maybe you could submit something from Dead & Co or one of the worst covers you've ever heard--but I really would love to hear your thoughts about an actual song or performance by Jerry and the gang.

For me, Woodstock comes up, which is probably an obvious choice. They were totally out of it, went over so long that it knocked CCR off schedule and lots of people weren't happy about it at all.

How about you? What's your least favorite song or performance?

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YOLO Is Another One Of Mickey Hart's Legacies

Percussionist was first to use the term

If you've ever used the term YOLO--whether prefacing a poor decision or not--you have Grateful Dead percussionist Mickey Hart to thank. He didn't use it for the exact same purpose, but it definitely still meant what it stands for today when he decided to name his ranch the phrase.

In the 90s, long before teens were crying "YOLO!" before doing some stunt or goofy dance move, Hart decided to buy a ranch that was way too pricey, saying that you only live once. They shortened the name so they wouldn't say it publicly or call it something as ordinary as Mickey's Ranch.

What other fun pop culture trivia can you trace back to the Dead? Share it in the chat!

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Dead & Company Tour Dates Announced

Will you be going?

While many bands are postponing their shows for the year, Dead & Company are set for a tour from summer well into the fall months. There are a few shows in May but the majority will be happening from August through Halloween, and a couple of shows are already scheduled for next year.

The tour is scattered across the country so there are good odds that it will be taking place near you. Personally it makes me nervous thinking about crows this early, especially without herd immunity in our future. Many venues aren't at full capacity while others are choosing to do so, and there aren't laws restricting them from doing so, either. I'm relieved that the shows I purchased tickets for in 2020 that were rescheduled for this year are being moved once again to next year, but I see one of those venues on this tour list, so I know it was a decision by the bands themselves and not the venues.

What about you? Do you feel comfortable going? Will you be at any of these shows?

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Top 10 Grateful Dead Songs

Who gets it right?

When it comes to top 10 song lists, we are all bound to disagree, no matter what the content of the list might be. Even if you post every popular song, plenty of fans will argue that it's the underrated songs that deserve more attention. (For the record, this is often true.) So when you look for the top songs of the Dead over the years and find a billion lists, which one are you bound to choose as accurate, at least to you?

Will you choose Stereogum's list, with its inclusion of "Estimated Prophet," or how this classic rock-focused list with its "Scarlet Begonias"? What list do you think is most representative of their hits--or your favorites? Share what you think in the chat.

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Cozy Grateful Dead Blankets And Gear

Check out the Slowtide collection!

While we've definitely shared some really cool Dead gear here, the Slowtide Grateful Dead collection is one of my absolute favorites. I absolutely love these blankets, especially the camp blankets that will be perfect for music festivals once we can start going again! They also have towels and ponchos that will be perfect for the outdoor music scene as well.

The tie-dye poncho has to be my favorite of the collection. Yeah, it's just tie-dye, but look at that changing design, the drawstrings, the hoodie... I just love it. I really miss going to concerts (all of the ones I bought for 2020 that were rescheduled for this year have already been moved to 2022) and I would love to wear this to them next year.

What pieces do you love from this collection? Share your favorites in the chat.

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Grateful Dead Summer Looks

Share what you're wearing!

Summer is right around the corner. Where I live, we just had two super humid days and it feels like it's already here! It's time to put away all of those cute Deadhead hoodies and coats and bring out the t-shirts, but I know many of us are in desperate need of a t-shirt overhaul. Many of them have nostalgic value, sure, but if they are riddled with holes (or even have the printing fading off like one of my favorites), it's really time to recycle them (or preserve them if they're special) and get something new.

So where do you go to get Grateful Dead t-shirts? Smoke shops, hippie stores and the like are obvious choices but those are going to be brand-new, which might be just what you need But if you want something vintage, Grateful Dead vintage shirts can be harder to find sometimes.

Where do you go to get your gently used tees? Share your resources in the chat.

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Shopping For 420 Merch Inspired By The Dead

What did you find?

In honor of 420, I spent much of the day calling and writing my elected officials to ask them to support legalization as well as releasing past offenders. It's atrocious that people are in jail for marijuana use in this nation while so many states have long since legalized it. National legalization is long overdue and I'd argue that those who've served are also deserving of reparations.

It's hard to celebrate a holiday knowing this, but there is definitely plenty of merchandise to enjoy for those who do celebrate--especially if you're looking for merch inspired by the Dead. Variety has a wonderful list of items up to check out, from the usual goodies we scout for here like socks to really fun off-the-wall items like bath soaks and ties to wear.

Did you find any great Grateful Dead swag? Share it in the chat!

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The Best Grateful Dead Socks

Share yours in the chat!

One of the easiest ways to identify a Deadhead is by their bumper stickers or wearable swag. Tie dye? Dancing bears? Skulls? Yep, you can safely guess that you've met a fellow fan. But swag can be expensive, especially these days when everyone is trying to make a buck, and sometimes you have to dress a little more "professionally," whatever that means.

That's where Grateful Dead socks come in. I love hidden colorful socks under long slacks! It's like a little secret you harbor, especially if you have to dress up for an event but want to stay true to yourself. And there are so many great sets like these so you could always have a different pair every day of the week. 

What do your favorite pair of Grateful Dead socks look like? Share them in the chat.

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The Best Recent Dead Covers

What's your favorite?

Many Grateful Dead fans love a good cover, even if it's a far cry from the original version of the song. In fact, lots of people prefer it that way so it encompasses the artist's spirit rather than parroting the Dead. Whether you love them or not, there's always a cover happening somewhere in the country!

Billy Strings just covered "Cassidy" over the weekend, and he and his band performed several other cover songs from different groups in addition to a few of their own songs. What do you think when bands mix it up like this? Do you like that better, or is it more fun when they perform as a tribute band?

What are some of your favorite covers? Share them in the chat!

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