Jimmy Fallon Sings "Tennessee Jed"

Did you hear about the talk show's surprise performance?

The Grateful Dead tribute band The Stolen Faces was on stage performing in Nashville at Brooklyn Bowl when someone else jumped up to steal that very stage! Actor, comedian and Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon joined the band for a rendition of "Tennessee Jed," complete with tie-dye shirt and sunglasses.

This isn't the first time Fallon has dressed the part to perform like a famous music star. He's often done this for his show and in various skits; my favorite was when he performed with the cast of Glee and dressed as Bruce Springsteen. It was both hilarious and well done, and I was on a pretty strong Glee kick back then. Later in the show, Jimmy returned to play "They Love Each Other" with The Stolen Faces!

What other fun celebrity cameos can you think of in terms of Grateful Dead or tribute band performances? Whose did you enjoy the most (and whose did you find rather annoying)? Share your experiences in the chat. 

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Best Grateful Dead Toys To Get You Through The Day

Share your favorite toys in the chat!

Variety has a piece on Grateful Dead fidget toys, and while the shape isn't my favorite type of fidget toy (I have a spinner on my desk), I must agree that it is the cutest fidget cube I've ever seen! It features the Steal Your Face design but it also has this really pretty scrollwork on the sides, which somehow makes it look more upscale while still on-brand.

It got me thinking about other fun Grateful Dead toys, and which ones have been my favorites over the years. I seem to recall a set of dancing bears in the style of a "Barrel of Monkeys" that I loved a long time ago and don't remember what happened to it. I'm a big Dancing Bear fan--my dad is more into the Steal Your Face logo, so I get him gifts featuring that!--and I have loved all of the bobbleheads, too.

What Grateful Dead toys have you loved the most over the years? Which have you had the longest, and which did you misplace or forget about and wish you still had? Share your memories in the chat.

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Grateful Dead Valentine Treats

What are you enjoying this year?

Celebrating Valentine's Day with fellow lovers of the Grateful Dead has never been easier than it is in the modern world, where you can connect with butchers, bakers and candlestick makers all across the nation and globe to find the perfect item. If you want a Grateful Dead-themed treat, look no further than Ebay, where you can find all kinds of cupcake toppers, cake pans and other fun ways to make your treats look more like the Dead.

Want your treats already made? Try going for a bunch of gummy bears for a "dancing bears" theme. These gummies Valentine pins could help set the scene. An even more fun way to celebrate is to order a package of "old time" candy from the Dead's heyday and try candies like Boston Baked Beans in this colorful variety. For something really unique and tie-dyed, check out these freeze-dried Skittles

Do you know of any other Grateful Dead Valentine treats, or have a recipe for something that you make at home? How about a really cool tie-dye cake (there are kits available!)? Share your recipes and links in the chat. 

Exquisite Skull Pendant With Steal Your Face Design

Check out this gorgeous piece!

Normally when we find fun Grateful Dead swag that we love, it's something common--like shoes, a mug, clothing or an album. Sure, there is Grateful Dead jewelry out there, but it's not usually especially fancy--more along the lines of costume jewelry. As fun as costume jewelry can be, when you stumble upon a piece that's actually quite fine and delicate, it can be very exciting.

Case in point: this exquisite pendant created by artist Leah Delphine Heinz. It is so intricate and lovely that it made me gasp aloud when I saw it. The pendant is made out of sterling silver, fine silvers and sheet silver with tons of tiny detail work in the famous Steal Your Face design. It's made with ammolite, 9x faceted amethyst, 6x blue apatite, 2x facted peridot and 3x faceted iolite, providing the piece with so much nuanced color and depth. Isn't it gorgeous?

Have you seen any Grateful Dead pieces lately that just steal your breath (along with your face)? What about any super surprising or unexpected designs that you never would have dreamed of seeing? Share what you've found in the chat for us to marvel over together. 

Care Bears Team Up with Grateful Dead

This is pretty much a dream come true.

80s kids, Gen Xers and Boomers who lived through the 80s and anyone else who loves the decade, you may squeal when you see this new collaboration between the Grateful Dead and Care Bears! Yes, those Care Bears. Igloo Cooler has a new cooler that features a mashup of both and it will make all your Care-a-Lot Dancing Bear dreams come true.

The cooler is pink and features a dancing Care Bear in pink with a Grateful Dead symbol on their belly. The branding is fantastic, complete with roses, Care Bear-styled stars and lightning bolts that fit both realms. The side features a psychadelic set of rings around the bear's head along with more of the rose, star and lightning detail work. Altogether it's a fantastic collector's item that would also work well as a lunch box.

What other cute Grateful Dead collaborations have you seen lately? Buy any new merchandise? Share your favorite finds in the chat. 

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Grateful Dead Mugs Available at Urban Outfitters

They're pretty cute!

Grateful Dead merchandise is easy enough to find, but it's also so common that it can be interesting finding something that is truly unique on its own. Urban Outfitters has a Grateful Dead mug for sale that is incredibly cute and unique, and many fans may want to add it to their collections immediately.

This mug is 18 ounces and comes in a pretty yellow shade that isn't too bright--think more of a mellow tie-dye yellow. But it not only has a Dancing Bear logo on the front of it; it also supports a little blue Dancing Bear on the rim! It's incredibly adorable, and it's both food and dishwasher safe. It can't be used in the microwave or the oven, though.

Have you run across any really cute Grateful Dead goodies this week? Share them in the chat. 

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John Mayer Tests Positive

Dead and Company Cancel Performance

Unfortunately for fans of Dead and Company, the band had to cancel playing in the Sand Festival. John Mayer recently tested positive and had to bow out of the festival, but apparently, several other artists and staff also tested positive prior to the performance.

The band had intended to proceed with the festival following Mayer's positive test, with many folks already in place or on their way when more positive tests started to roll in. Too many people involved had to sit this one out, so the band had to cancel their involvement in the festival altogether. It sounds like refunds are being issued since other artists and staff are out with the illness as well.

Hopefully everyone gets well fast and cases drop soon. Have you read any other Dead and Company news this week? How about any stories about the Grateful Dead? Share them in the chat. 

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Grateful Dead Vosges Collection

Have you tried these decadent desserts?

It's so fun to see how different companies team up with the Dead to create really cool, interesting collaborations, often giving themselves a mini rebrand just for the focus of that product. Vosges Chocolate is no exception, and the company has a few Grateful Dead products for sale that fans of both the Dead and of chocolate are sure to love.

The colorful limited edition truffle collection consists of 16 different truffles, each encompassing a beloved Grateful Dead album or performance. Some featured flavors include California Ray, Dusty Delilah and Mind Bender Matcha. It also comes with a band patch.

Dancing Bear Space Bars are also available with some really beautiful packaging and delicious-sounding composition: dried strawberries, raspberries, cocoa butter and confetti sprinkles! A couple of the products are also sold out, including an enormous collection of chocolates and crystals in what was possibly the most beautiful arrangement ever made.

Have you checked out this collection already? What did you think? Share any flavor reviews with us in the chat! If you know of any other Grateful Dead-inspired foods, be sure to share them with us, too.

Grateful Dead Merch Sales

Share any great deals you find in the chat.

Now that all of the end-of-the-year sales are upon us, it's time to find all of the great bargains on Grateful Dead merchandise. The big department stores are great sources for deals on shirts, blankets and general items, but sometimes you can find good sales from smaller shops and family-owned stores, too.

The best sale I've seen so far is the one JC Penney is having on this tie-dye hoodie. Check out the dancing bear logo and that price! It's going for 75% off right now on clearnance. Wal-Mart has a good deal on a Grateful Dead t-shirt that isn't on clearance but features a recent price drop. GAP's Grateful Dead t-shirt is going for 60% off right now with the code GREAT.

What great deals have you found on Grateful Dead merchandise this week? Share any shops featuring sales as well as codes you find in the chat.

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"Hell in a Bucket"

Bob Weir sings a capella in this song

There's something about a performance sans music. A capella choirs get teased so often but it's often some of the most beautiful music you'll hear. Without an accompaniment, audiences are able to experience the raw emotion and nuances of a vocalist's range. It's even more meaningful when the sounds come from a band that fans normally experience through rock music lots of instruments.

That's why when you sit through a performance like Bob Weir's "Hell in a Bucket" it's so incredibly moving. There's so much power in his voice, and like many fans say, Weir just doesn't get as much love as Jerry always did despite performing just as much, if not more at times. It's one of those performances you could close your eyes and listen to in the dark and be transported to somewhere else in moments. 

What other a capella performances have really moved you, whether they were performed by The Dead or otherwise? Share your favorites in the chat. 

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