Grateful Dead News This Week

Here are just a few top stories

You know your band is beloved when it's still making the headlines decades after the loss of your lead singer. Here are just a few top stories about the Dead this week.

The Broken Record Podcast featured a chat between Bob Weir and Rick Rubin this week. 

Holly Bowling covered the Dead along with several other bands from her "Live From Out There" Webcast.

Billy Strings also did a cover.


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15-CD Box Set Coming Soon!

Songs are from the 1976 return tour

Have you heard about the new Grateful Dead boxed set? It's available for pre-order at the Grateful Dead website and includes 15 CDs featuring music from five previously unreleased shows from the band's 1976 return tour.

There will be a limited number of these sets for sale, so you'll have to get your hands on them before all 12,000 copies are sold out. They are going to be individually numbered, making them the perfect collector's item or gift, and they're mastered in HDCD.

Will you be purchasing one of these 15-CD boxed sets? Which other boxed sets do you already own? Share your thoughts in the chat.


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100 Albums Chartered For The Grateful Dead

What a cool milestone!

While the Grateful Dead has always had a huge fan following, they've never been the biggest chart toppers, which really doesn't always matter. They have, however, hit a big milestone: Dave's Picks Vol. 33: Evans Field House, N. Illinois University, Dekalb, IL just made the band reach their 100th chartered album!

This is a big milestone for the band and Jerry Garcia would no doubt be pleased to hear the news. Fans remain dedicated all these years later and likely will for many years to come.

Have you bought the latest Dave's Picks album? How many Grateful Dead albums do you have? Share it with us in the chat!

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Dead & Company Tour Announcements

Will you be attending any of these appearances?

If you've been waiting to find out when Dead & Company will be playing next, you're in luck: they just announced their summer tour. It's set to last for 17 days and the dates range from July 10 through August 8. 

Boulder, St. Louis, Chicago and Atlanta are all on the route, and they plan on heading Northeast in New York and Virginia, too. Chances are they will either be close enough for most of us to see or within a range for a decent road trip!

Will you be seeing any of these concerts? Tell us which ones in the chat!

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Grateful Dead At The Super Bowl

What did you think?

Grateful Dead... at the Super Bowl. Huh. For some reason, the two just don't click together in my brain, but for whatever reason, Grateful Dead's "Bertha" was played as a buffer song from a commercial break. I have to wonder what Jerry would think about that.

The Dead wasn't the only band featured in a buffer song; two Phish songs were used as well. But they're often used in these events. I guess I shouldn't be surprised with all of the fan appreciation nights featuring the band. It just seems weird to me.

What did you think of using The Dead as buffer music during the Super Bowl?

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Grateful Dead Event at Mother Stewart's

Share events from your area!

If you're in the Dayton area this weekend, you might be interested in heading to Springfield for a special Grateful Dead event at Mother Stewart's Brewing Company. There will be a tribute to the Grateful Dead played by two bands, Terrapin Moon and Arrows of Neon, as well as plenty to drink at the brewing company!

The event will take place over two days: Arrows of Neon can be heard on Friday while Terrapin Moon is performing on Saturday, so you could attend either or both to make for a fun Dead-themed weekend.

Are there any Grateful Dead events in your neck of the woods this weekend? Share them with us in the chat.

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Grateful Dead & Rolling Stones Cover Bands In Seattle

Have you seen them?

Fans are raving about the Grateful Dead and Rolling Stones cover bands, the Infamous Stringdusters and the Yonder Mountain String Cover Band, playing in Seattle over the weekend. What's so fun about the bands isn't that they cover all of our favorites (and some more obscure titles), but that they share the stage during each set to play together, too.

Finale performances of "No Expectations" were the highlight for many concert goers, although many attendees had other favorites as well. The bands also played songs from other bands, such as The Cure.

Were you able to see them perform? If not, have you seen them in the past? What did you think?

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"Let It Grow"

New "All the Years Live" Release!

If you've been waiting for this year's "All the Years Live" release, the wait is over! You can see "Let It Grow" from the July 8, 1990 performance at the Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh now. Click here to watch!

Hardcore fans know that this was not an original standalone song, but the second part to "Weather Report Suite" in its original form. "Let It Grow" worked better as its own unique song so that's what the Dead went with instead. 

What do you think of the performance? What has been your favorite "All the Years Live" release to date? Share it in the chat.

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Best Cover Bands of 2020

Share your favorites!

Now that it's a new year, a new season of concerts to enjoy is upon us and with that comes all of the many Grateful Dead cover bands! Every area has their favorites, from newcomers to old hometown staples, and I'd love to hear what's playing where you are.

If you're looking, you can always find some here, but not every band is listed. That's why it's a great idea to spread the word and be sure that your favorite bands are listed and get plenty of good exposure to attract more fans.

Which Grateful Dead cover band is your favorite? Share the concerts we should attend in the chat.

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Dead & Company New Year's Eve Run

Are you excited?

If you've already caught the first of the Dead & Company's New Year shows, you already know about the New Year's Eve Run, but there are several shows left to enjoy as 2019 turns into 2020! 

Both concerts, which will take place December 30 and 31, will be at the Chase Center in San Francisco, a fitting place for them to end the year. I just checked to see if there are still tickets available and there definitely are some tickets left starting at $50 and up. If you haven't made New Year's Eve plans and you'll be in SF this is a great way to spend your holiday!

Will you be going to the show? Tell us how it went in the chat.

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