Grateful Dead Mugs Available at Urban Outfitters

They're pretty cute!

Grateful Dead merchandise is easy enough to find, but it's also so common that it can be interesting finding something that is truly unique on its own. Urban Outfitters has a Grateful Dead mug for sale that is incredibly cute and unique, and many fans may want to add it to their collections immediately.

This mug is 18 ounces and comes in a pretty yellow shade that isn't too bright--think more of a mellow tie-dye yellow. But it not only has a Dancing Bear logo on the front of it; it also supports a little blue Dancing Bear on the rim! It's incredibly adorable, and it's both food and dishwasher safe. It can't be used in the microwave or the oven, though.

Have you run across any really cute Grateful Dead goodies this week? Share them in the chat. 

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John Mayer Tests Positive

Dead and Company Cancel Performance

Unfortunately for fans of Dead and Company, the band had to cancel playing in the Sand Festival. John Mayer recently tested positive and had to bow out of the festival, but apparently, several other artists and staff also tested positive prior to the performance.

The band had intended to proceed with the festival following Mayer's positive test, with many folks already in place or on their way when more positive tests started to roll in. Too many people involved had to sit this one out, so the band had to cancel their involvement in the festival altogether. It sounds like refunds are being issued since other artists and staff are out with the illness as well.

Hopefully everyone gets well fast and cases drop soon. Have you read any other Dead and Company news this week? How about any stories about the Grateful Dead? Share them in the chat. 

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Grateful Dead Vosges Collection

Have you tried these decadent desserts?

It's so fun to see how different companies team up with the Dead to create really cool, interesting collaborations, often giving themselves a mini rebrand just for the focus of that product. Vosges Chocolate is no exception, and the company has a few Grateful Dead products for sale that fans of both the Dead and of chocolate are sure to love.

The colorful limited edition truffle collection consists of 16 different truffles, each encompassing a beloved Grateful Dead album or performance. Some featured flavors include California Ray, Dusty Delilah and Mind Bender Matcha. It also comes with a band patch.

Dancing Bear Space Bars are also available with some really beautiful packaging and delicious-sounding composition: dried strawberries, raspberries, cocoa butter and confetti sprinkles! A couple of the products are also sold out, including an enormous collection of chocolates and crystals in what was possibly the most beautiful arrangement ever made.

Have you checked out this collection already? What did you think? Share any flavor reviews with us in the chat! If you know of any other Grateful Dead-inspired foods, be sure to share them with us, too.

Grateful Dead Merch Sales

Share any great deals you find in the chat.

Now that all of the end-of-the-year sales are upon us, it's time to find all of the great bargains on Grateful Dead merchandise. The big department stores are great sources for deals on shirts, blankets and general items, but sometimes you can find good sales from smaller shops and family-owned stores, too.

The best sale I've seen so far is the one JC Penney is having on this tie-dye hoodie. Check out the dancing bear logo and that price! It's going for 75% off right now on clearnance. Wal-Mart has a good deal on a Grateful Dead t-shirt that isn't on clearance but features a recent price drop. GAP's Grateful Dead t-shirt is going for 60% off right now with the code GREAT.

What great deals have you found on Grateful Dead merchandise this week? Share any shops featuring sales as well as codes you find in the chat.

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"Hell in a Bucket"

Bob Weir sings a capella in this song

There's something about a performance sans music. A capella choirs get teased so often but it's often some of the most beautiful music you'll hear. Without an accompaniment, audiences are able to experience the raw emotion and nuances of a vocalist's range. It's even more meaningful when the sounds come from a band that fans normally experience through rock music lots of instruments.

That's why when you sit through a performance like Bob Weir's "Hell in a Bucket" it's so incredibly moving. There's so much power in his voice, and like many fans say, Weir just doesn't get as much love as Jerry always did despite performing just as much, if not more at times. It's one of those performances you could close your eyes and listen to in the dark and be transported to somewhere else in moments. 

What other a capella performances have really moved you, whether they were performed by The Dead or otherwise? Share your favorites in the chat. 

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First Looks at Jonah Hill as Jerry Garcia!

Plus other Grateful Dead news this week

When we all heard about Jonah Hill portraying Jerry Garcia in an upcoming biopic, many of us had mixed feelings. Hill seems like he has a pretty wide range and we're excited to see this film, but also a bit wary because who knows what it will be like? Now we have some photos to check out Hill's look as Jerry Garcia. What do you think of them?

Trixie Garcia has announced that there's going to be a new documentary about Jerry's life. It will be produced by RadicalMedia and include an intimate portrayal of the man featuring some of his most personal archives.

In terms of some new merch to check out, Grateful Dead is also teaming up with Nixon to release some backpacks, watch straps and bags for fans to use. 

Any other Grateful Dead news to share? What do you think about the upcoming films? Share your thoughts in the chat. 

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Grateful Dead Poster Exhibition

Will you be going?

Now through January 2, the Bahr Gallery has some really cool vintage Grateful Dead posters on display for free. The New York gallery has been running this exhibit since October.

Some super famous pieces, including the beloved Skull & Roses, are included in the gallery, as are some rarer pieces. The 1969 Aoxomoxoa poster is the centerpiece of the exhibit. Some fans already know this piece from the Dead's third album. There are 40 pieces to see and all are up for sale, so if you spot something you love you might want to check it out.

The gallery is known for showcasing some of the rarest psychedelic rock posters for fans and artists to come and admire. Folks can make appointments or come during museum hours, which are Friday through Sunday, 1:30 to 5:30 PM.

Have you seen any other cool Grateful Dead art on display lately? Where have you seen it? Share it with us in the chat.

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Jonah Hill to Play Jerry!

What do you think of the news?

This week we learned a lot of news about the Grateful Dead. First we learned that John Mayer might plan on continuing with Dead & Co once the original members of the Grateful Dead have retired. How do you feel about that? I have some very mixed feelings, especially once all of the original members retire.

But then we learned that Jonah Hill will be portraying Jerry Garcia in a new Apple production directed by Martin Scorsese! Lesh, Hart and company are all on board as producers, which makes me think that Hill must be doing some incredible work. I've never seen him in a serious movie, let alone a biopic, so this could be quite interesting. I'm not judging anything without seeing the movie but I'm definitely curious.

It sounds like Apple is really moving up on its media productions, which is definitely something to have mixed feelings about (just how many streaming services are we going to have?). How do you feel about Jonah Hill playing Jerry in a film, or about Scorsese directing it? 

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Detroit Red Wings Grateful Dead Night

Will you be there?

While many of us are in deep denial over the fact that December is less than two weeks away, December is certainly upon us, and so is hockey season. Hockey fan or not, you may be interested in this nugget of news from the Detroit Red Wings. The team has announced their Grateful Dead Night for 2021, which will occur on December 4 this year.

This year's jersey is really neat. It's got the iconic skull, or Steal Your Face, logo, and there are dancing bears on the shoulders! Then, while the jersey stays true to the team's colors, it features them in a tie-dye pattern. It's really as perfect of a merger as you could get between the Dead and the Red Wings and if you're going to be in the area, you should definitely think about going to get one.

Are you going to any team Grateful Dead nights this season? If so, which ones and what will the swag look like, if you know? Share any links and info in the chat!

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All-Women Tribute Bands

Know of any?

It embarrasses me to admit that I've never even considered the fact that there might be Grateful Dead tribute bands made up completely of women, but they do, in fact, exist! Meet the Brown-Eyed Women, an all-women tribute band! They are playing for free in Florida this weekend, so if you get a chance to see them, definitely tell us what you thought.

The band lineup includes Jill Simmons, Denise Parent, Caroline Killoh and Katie Moore on vocals, with Joni Bottari playing lead guitar and Dana Carrol on bass. Killoh is also the band's keyboardist, Parent plays the drums and Moore is also on guitar. 

Do you know of any other tribute bands made up entirely of women? I'd love to hear about them! Share them with us in the chat. 

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