Save Our Stages

Bob Weir rallies to support the cause

In support of independent concert venues and saving stages across the country, Bob Weir recently joined Congressman Mike Thompson in a rally in support of the Save Our Stages Act. It's meant to help all of the people involved in the entertainment industry who are now affected by the coronavirus.

Weir made sure people know that hundreds of individuals are impacted with each show he plays. From ticket takers to techs and everyone in between, this virus has impacted the livelihood of hundreds of thosuands of people and they need help.

How are you supporting your local artists and people in need? Share your actions in the chat. 

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Anniversary of American Beauty

Deluxe Edition Now Available

If you don't already own a copy of Grateful Dead's American Beauty, you're in luck! It's the 50th anniversary of the first release, which means that not only is there a new special edition available, but it has some cool extras.

One of the extras fans are most excited about is the release of a version of "Truckin'" that hasn't been heard yet! These special performances often make the re-releases even cooler and lots of fans like to collect them for that reason.

ARe you getting a copy? Tell us in the chat!

Best Dead Songs to Chillax To

Share your faves!

When it comes to the Grateful Dead, it's ALL about relaxing. There aren't many songs that will stress you out, at least under normal circumstances, and most are intended for absolute good vibes.

There are so many mellow hits but I think my favorite has to be "Sugaree." No, it's not the most positive of their songs but oh I can just sit and sway to it. Can't you?

Which Grateful Dead songs are your favorites to groove and chillax to? Share them in the chat!

Must-See Live Shows

Which would you suggest?

Most fans of The Dead have their own specific suggestions on which live shows to watch first, or which ones absolutely must be seen by newcomers to the band. Think of what top three shows you'd recommend to someone who's totally brand new to the band, for example.

Rolling Stones suggests this list of 20 performances, including a show in a Danish cafeteria, which make for essential viewing. Longtime fans should absolutely check these out, but they're also a great jumping off point for newbies.

Which shows do you suggest viewing? Share them in the chat!

The Dead Costumes

How would you pull off a look?

When it comes to the Grateful Dead, there definitely is no dress code. Sure, you can wear your hippie finest and your best tie dye but ultimately, there's not a lot of defining characteristics. So how would you create a costume?

A moppy wig and glasses would go a long way for a Jerry Garcia look, but you could also get creative and carry around a pint of Cherry Garcia. Why not if you're quarantined anyway? You could even go as the ice cream!

What are your ideas for Grateful Dead costumes? Share them with us in the chat!

Best Female Lead Singer in a Dead Song

Who's your favorite?

Plenty of bands have covered Grateful Dead songs, from cover bands to generic bands who include a song or two in their set list. But what about women who've performed the songs of the Dead?

Joan Osborne is a fan favorite, as she actually filled in for Garcia before and she's frankly a fantastic singer. But who do you think is the best women to ever cover one of their songs?

Share your picks in the chat!

Grateful Dead Playlists

Share yours in the chat!

If you're like me, you have a soundtrack for everything in your life, whether it be cleaning, working out or even relaxing on a Sunday afternoon. But do you have a great Grateful Dead playlist to share?

Plenty of people have them, whether on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes or another medium. One of my favorites is on YouTube, but you can make your own or make one for every mood, from the hits to romance or just grooving!

What's your favorite playlist? Share it in the chat!

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Your Favorite Dead Show

Was it even a show?

When it comes to our favorite bands, many of us have a favorite show in mind. For me, it's usually one I attended, but that's pretty rare. Lots of people cite special performances that were known to be extraordinary, groundbreaking or just plain good. Some bands have even become famous over sessions just messing around that turned into recorded masterpieces.

The Dead is no exception. Plenty of fans love sessions that weren't even meant to be shows, like this soundcheck, as their most beloved performances. It really makes sense, when you think about it, especially for a band like the Grateful Dead. Wouldn't some low key practice be more relaxing than a stage performance?

What was your favorite performance?

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Grateful Dead Masks

Share your face mask links in the chat!

Now that face masks are needed all across the nation, many of us are finding or making some really cool, individualized ones, including masks that feature our favorite bands like the Grateful Dead. There are some really neat patterns out there to make masks out of if you want to do so, too.

Here's a great example of a Grateful Dead face mask. For more protection, you can layer in a folded coffee filter, and using a pipe cleaner to form a nose piece really helps your mask take shape and fit your face better. I also like to tuck mine under my glasses so they don't fog up!

What cool Grateful Dead masks have you found? Share them in the chat! Do you make them yourself? If you sell them, share your links, too!

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Fan Fashion

Share your groovy finds and faves!

If there's anything I love more about the Dead than their music itself, it's their vibe, especially when it comes to aesthetic. Many a fan has quite a collection of dancing bears, skulls and other Grateful Dead gear, and I know a lot of us are here for it!

Street photographer Mordechai “Mister Mort” Rubinstein recently did an entire project on the fashion of Deadheads alone, and the results are as cool as you'd expect them to be. Bright, colorful, vibrant and as hippie-like as you're already picturing, the photos are just pure fun to see.

What are your favorite Grateful Dead fashion pieces? Share them in the chat.

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