February 2018

Dead & Company

Bummed that you missed out on the Dead & Company concert in Orlando recently? You're in luck! You can catch a glimpse of the concert on Twitter and enjoy part of the show from home. The video from yesterday's performance is just over half an hour long so you can get a nice chunk of the performance. 

Do you have any other Grateful Dead or Dead & Company videos online to share? Post them here in the chat!

photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Grateful Dead Valentines

Valentine ideas for a Grateful Dead fan are just about endless (including some beautiful graphics) and they're not hard to find, but some of the coolest ones can be found on Etsy where fans can get one-of-a-kind items and unique gifts not found in the store. The adorable "Mama Bear" shirt depicting the famous rainbow bear is a great present for Deadhead moms and Deadhead dog collars are perfect for your pooch.

No More CDs at Best Buy

Best Buy just announced that they will no longer be selling CDs in their stores and customers are acting pretty outraged over the decision. You can't blame the company for making this difficult decision when they're suffering sales losses from the lack of sales, but customers are acting like they can't purchase sliced bread anymore. Who still gets their music via CD anymore, anyway?