January 2018

Records are now Digital

If you're a digital music collector waiting for the Grateful Dead Records Collection to go digital, you are in luck! For the first time ever, Steal Your Face is available for your listening pleasure. You can get it via Apple Lossless or HD FLAC and avoid the bulky records of... Well, what are we saying, we happen to love the records, too. Still, this makes your favorite music much more accessible and portable.

Deadhead Resolutions

Most of you are laughing. A Deadhead with a resolution? Bahahaha! But think about it in all seriousness (I still hear laughter here). Resolutions are just goals and if you're going to set any, why not make them about the Grateful Dead? 

I'm talking albums you've never listened to. I'm talking cover art and other art you've never checked out. Whether it's videos, the new documentary or even a friend's burned cassette tapes from way back when, make this the year you experience the Grateful Dead in a whole new way.

Dead Covers Project

Want to take part in the new Dead Covers Project on Youtube? It's a cool way to show off your own music and your love for the Dead at the same time! You can visit YouTube with the hashtag #DeadCoversProject to make sure you're included in the huge list of participants sharing their playlists and covers of the band's work.