September 2017

Bob Weir Named Goodwill Ambassador

Great news for Deadheads! Bob Weir has been selected to serve as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador! Some of you may even be saying it's about time, given not only Weir's nature but also his status as a founding Grateful Dead member. His platform is going to center around climate change and poverty with a special focus on renewable energy and deforestation, among other key areas.

Happy Birthday, Mickey Hart!

As far as drummers go, Mickey Hart continues to be one of the best even at age 74! We want to wish Hart an awesome birthday week here at Grateful Dead Music. Hart says that news on a new album will be coming soon, so perhaps he's sharing his birthday gifts with his fans this year. Hart, one of the Rhythm Devils, has thanked his fans for their birthday wishes on social media, mentioning how grateful he is for this journey.

Pop Culture Inspired by The Dead

Has there ever been another band with as much influence on pop culture as the Grateful Dead? I can think of very few: the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Elvis, maybe. But the Dead have inspired cartoon plots, movie one-liners, and even ice cream flavors. Their dancing bears have become synonymous with hippie culture and you pretty much can't walk into any head shop without encountering a Grateful Dead symbol.