August 2017

Best Grateful Dead Tribute Band

It takes a lot to make a tribute band work. It's not just about re-singing all of the hits of the band you cover. You have to really know and really love the band, appreciate it as a whole and understand how the band's dynamics work just as well as its musical history. That's what makes a great cover band: the seamless integration that makes you forget that you're even at a cover concert. That said, a great cover band can also add new life and inspiration to a band's set list by infusing it with modern touches and their own style.

David and the Dorks

The Grateful Dead has had so many colorful moments across the decades. Do you recall when David Crosby spent some time with Jerry, Phil and Mickey as the band "David and the Dorks"? OK, it didn't last long at ALL but there was a live recording made that you can enjoy! (Click the link to access the Youtube video and track list, which includes songs like "Alabama Bound" and "Cowboy Movie.")

Bands Most Like the Dead

The beauty of a creation like Pandora music is that you can plug in bands that you enjoy and receive new bands to follow as a result, but sometimes you just need that pesonal touch to really connect with the music. Pandora's definitely not an all-pleaser and can be wrong for many people, so imgine you're plugging in "Grateful Dead" into your Pandora seach. What will you find?