July 2017

Dead & Company

Between John Mayer's insistence that he just HAD to be a part of the Grateful Dead and drummer Mickey Hart talking about how you can't live in the past, the birth of Dead & Company almost seems inevitable. The Grateful Dead really seemed to want to continue existing without Jerry Garcia but as something that combined his legacy with something new in order to simultaneously honor him without replacing him, if that makes sense.

Weir Says Songs Are Never Old

According to Bob Weir, the Grateful Dead set is never the same, no matter if it's a new year, new week or a new day. To him, there is always something different to learn and experience. Weir told The Chicago Tribune, "The songs will tell us on a daily basis new things about themselves." He went on to say that the band is only a group of "humble servants," which is so refreshing compared with so many bands today.