June 2017

Catch a Grateful Dead Concert

Getting excited about summer concert lineups? The Dead & Company are appearing in several places, so be sure to get your tickets before they sell out! Here are a few concert dates to check out:

June 28 Blossom Music Center, Ohio

June 30 Wrigley Field, Chicago

July 1 Wrigley Field

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Will you be attending any Grateful Dead concerts this summer? Have you been to any past shows?


Bee and Butterfly Protection Through Grateful Dead Charity Outreach

The Grateful Dead has a long history of making an impact through both their music as well as social causes. They come from a time when caring was cool as well as meaningful, so despite what he might or might not think about the band right now, Jerry would probably appreciate what the Dead is doing to help save the bees and butterflies in concert Participation Row.

The Best Dead Memes

Would Jerry Garcia appreciate an Internet meme? It's an interesting question. He might like the playfulness and color associated with memes, but that is probably where his appreciation would stop. Even so, memes are not just about what's modern and hip anymore. Many memes are taking a turn down nostalgic lane, incorporating both the old and new to create fresh jabs and jokes that most generations can appreciate.

Amir Bar Lev: Jerry is the Anti-Trump

If you have any lingering thoughts on what Amir Bar Lev might think about Jerry Garcia after watching "Long Strange Trip," you need to put on your headset or insert your earbuds and listen to this episode of Sit Down with Alfred and Chris. In it, he discusses all of the different ways that Jerry Garcia was the exact opposite of Donald Trump, calling him "the anti-Trump." It's really too bad Jerry's not around anymore.