April 2017

Follow the Grateful Dead on Facebook

With so many news stories flying around (some true, some not and some just terrifying), it's nice to fill your Facebook feed with things you actually like, such as photos of your loved ones and videos of your favorite bands like the Grateful Dead. When you follow the Grateful Dead on Facebook, you get to see some photos and videos that may make you a bit sad, but in a bittersweet way. Yesterday a photo of Brent's first show was displayed, generating nostalgia for a beautiful moment in 1979.

Grateful Dead Theme Songs

Like the Beatles, the Grateful Dead have enough songs to provide a soundtrack to most of the activities in your life—from childhood to adulthood, working to parenting, getting stoned (naturally) to dealing with grief. Some songs are even a perfect fit for TV, movies and books; many people know that several songs can be found in movies like Runaway Bride, Foxcatcher and even documentaries like The National Parks.

If you had a theme song inspired by the Grateful Dead, what would it be?

Long, Strange Trip Not Suitable for Date Night

There’s a lot of romanticism that surrounds the Grateful Dead, and some of it’s for good reason. You’ll find some of the most romantic and loving music in history on a Dead album. That said, their history isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, and reviewers of Long, Strange Trip, the new documentary about the band, insists that it’s not a date night, snuggle up movie, although it’s still well worth seeing.

Grateful Dead Poster in Art Auction

While Grateful Dead art is by no means difficult to come by, authentic period pieces can be a lot harder to obtain. The Psychedelic Art Exchange is hosting an auction featuring rare concert posters from some of the greatest bands of all time, including a Grateful Dead poster. There are also posters from bands like Cream, The Doors and Chuck Berry, making it an auction for just about any music lover.