March 2017

Famous Deadheads

There's just something about Deadheads and the way Garcia and company bring them together. No matter where you're from, what you do and what you believe, once you connect as fellow Deadheads, you feel a sort of kindred connection that just overrides everything else. It's too bad that global problems can't be solved so simply.

Dead Head Fan Art

One of the best ways that the Internet connects fans of bands like the Grateful Dead is by providing a platform from which fan art can be shared. Sure, you can always invite a few friends over to hear you play “Sugar Magnolia” on your guitar, but now you can share your rendition on YouTube with the entire world. Fans share their mixed media on Deviant Art for other fans to comment on and share, and of course we can all invite our friends and family members to check out our tributes on social media.

Best Grateful Dead Songs

Like many artists ahead of their time, the Grateful Dead are known for their incredible music without much official recognition. The Billboard charts were not friends to Garcia and company, with “Touch of Grey” earning their highest spot at number 9 on the list. Even “Casey Jones” didn’t make it far. While the ever beautiful “Sugar Magnolia” did make the charts, it didn’t fare well, prompting you to wonder what on earth could be better.