February 2017

The Best Performances of The Grateful Dead

Are you a die heard Dead Head? Even if you’re a casual fan, you are sure to love this excerpt of the band’s 50 best live performances. It’s too bad that we’ll never be able to see them all live together again, but seeing live performances online is the next best thing and we’re fortunate enough to be able to have this footage saved to watch over and over. (How did people survive without the Internet, again?)

“Long Strange Trip” Coming to Amazon

Fans of the Grateful Dead have long waited for Martin Scorsese’s documentary, Long Strange Trip, to be available for streaming. Now they’ll get to see it on Amazon when it debuts in May. People attending the Sundance Film Festival will get to see the documentary first, but once it does hit Amazon it will be released in six parts for all of your binge watching pleasure.