January 2011

Friend of the Devil - Lyrics

A song to both live and die by, don't you think?

So, at certain points of the day, certain songs will just randomly pop in my head. The lyrics just kind of stay there and there is nothing to do but sing, hum, or whistle them. That's just how it is sometimes! Today a song that is near and dear to me came up and it goes a little something like this: "You can borrow from the Devil, You can borrow from a friend, But the Devil'll give you twenty - When your friend got only ten".

This is so fitting right now for the (sad) state of affairs our country is in. I see this line sort of like the government and how they beg, borrow, and steal from us while hoping to make a deal with the devil on the side. Maybe I am way off. Oh well, who cares what you think anyway because I am going to get me some Cherry Garcia. Always puts me in a pleasant mood!