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How lucky are we that we have access to so much free music? On any given day, at any given time, we can enjoy our tunes online from wherever we are. I was introducing a young friend to the Dead the other day and was able to use her phone to quickly look them up and play a few songs for her to jog her memory. "Oh yeah, I know them!"

Gone are the days when we had to hum or even (gasp) sing a song in order to see if a friend knew it. We can play the song right then and there most of the time without a hitch, and even create playlists with minimal commercials (well, fewer than the radio, anyway). The only thing is that some playlists only list the "hits" from the radio. Of course, there's also a bunch of live performances, which are always fabulous to watch.

Do you use YouTube to listen to the Grateful Dead? If so, do you have a great playlist to share?

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