Weekly Grateful Dead Thursdays

Get in on the fun!

Monterey nightclub Planet Gemini might not be near you, but that doesn't mean that their weekly Grateful Dead Thursdays, a new staple at the club, can't be for you, too! Travel to Planet Gemini to enjoy the celebration or just mark Grateful Dead Thursdays on your calendar and play your favorites every week. Invite friends, have a potluck or games and make it a thing! Jerry would definitely approve.

China Cats play the tunes at Planet Gemini, so you won't have the benefit of their live stylings... or will you? Do you play? See if you can pay tribute with your own live music! The China Cats, after all, are an interpretive band, so you'll never get the same experience twice--and and you'll always get something new.

Do you have a regular Dead celebration in your neck of the woods? Tell us what you do to celebrate!

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