Tie-Dye Methods

Which is your favorite?

With the holidays coming up, many of us are turning to Grateful Dead merch for our loved ones, but what if we went a little more personal this year? In honor of the Dead, we could each tie-dye our own item to give with a personal touch. The benefits of this aren't limited to personalization, either; you can pick out just the right item for the person you're making it for, like a bag, bandana, t-shirt or hat. The question is, how will you tie-dye?

Kits are an obvious choice here. They are inexpensive and come with everything you need, but you often have to spend more for extra colors. You could DIY it at home with alcohol and permanent markers, which is super cheap but can take a long time if you're doing a large item. (If you're doing something small it would be a perfect option.) The Sharpie method gives you much more control and you can create more precise, custom designs, too. You can also experiment with different tying and twisting techniques so all of your designs look different.

What's your favorite tie-dye method? Will you be making anything this year?

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