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Earlier today I was listening to a song that makes me cry. There are plenty songs like that; I'm sure most people have at least one or two songs that move them to tears. There are a few songs that ALWAYS make me cry. For example, that part on Moana where her grandmother's spirit comes to her? That reminds me of my grandmother so much. She was my best friend and I miss her every day, and it always makes me cry thinking about it.

When it comes to Grateful Dead songs, I bet you have a couple that make you cry, too. It's not hard to be so affected by beautiful music. The song that makes me cry, though, might surprise you! A Touch of Grey is more upbeat-sounding, but when my dad was in the hospital in an induced coma when he had a terrible fall and we weren't sure he'd make it after his brain had bled, that song gave me a lot of comfort. Sure, he's a fan, but when I sat there crying, wondering if he'd be okay, and was reassured, "I will survive. I will get by," on the radio, you can bet I burst out crying.

Which Dead songs move you to tears?

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