Ship Of Fools

Tribute band plays Dead tunes in Sarasota

Most major metropolitan areas seem to have a few tribute bands, and many of those are of the Grateful Dead variety. What's so fabulous about Deadheads who play tribute music is that they often bring their own schtick to the mix, playing in homage to Jerry and company but also bringing their own sound to the table, making something truly unique in the process. Deadheads are already brought together in solidarity by the music of the Dead so it only makes sense that they would help communities bond in the same spirit.

Ship of Fools is a Sarasota-based tribute band who doesn't only pay homage to the Grateful Dead but also to Johnny Cash, The Beatles and Bob Dylan. They play in everything from restaurants to private parties and the five-member group consists of multiple generations, from classic Dead fans who were old enough to see the concerts to Millennials who weren't, which gives them an even fuller flavor. The band's sound can be heard on their website.

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