Records are now Digital

Modern fans rejoice!

If you're a digital music collector waiting for the Grateful Dead Records Collection to go digital, you are in luck! For the first time ever, Steal Your Face is available for your listening pleasure. You can get it via Apple Lossless or HD FLAC and avoid the bulky records of... Well, what are we saying, we happen to love the records, too. Still, this makes your favorite music much more accessible and portable.

If this is the reason you haven't assembled your own Dead collection, now you have the means to do so at your own convenience! Four albums are being released total and all are fully remastered. Other options include Wake of the Flood, From the Mars Hotel and Blues For Allah. Longtime friends know that these three collections were available for digital download before but now Steal Your Face joins in!

Do you have a digital Dead collection? Tell us what you have in the chat.


photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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