New Grateful Dead exhibit At McHenry Library

Will you be going?

The UCSC McHenry Library is hosting a cool new exhibit on the Grateful Dead that fans are sure to want to see. It's called "Put Your Gold Money Where Your Love Is, Baby: Counterculture, Capitalism And The Grateful Dead." You can see the exhibit beginning October 2nd.

The exhibit is Grateful Dead straight to the heart, showcasing how the band refused to kowtow to capitalism and instead paved their own trail (well, they walked through the weeds at least; we can't say they paved anything or that they'd have supported paving paradise for parking lots) in not only their business practices but their creative ones. This is an exhibit that will not only prove insightful and inspiring for Deadheads but for newcomers who wish to see what the music industry could be like in a more indie way of operation. 

Fans will get to see lots of merch, photos and cool memorabilia to make the exhibit a nostalgic one as well as a learning experience. Take youngsters who've never heard of the band to learn about its history and enjoy it yourself while you're there!

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