Misheard Song Lyrics

Which Dead songs do you get wrong?

For anyone who lived before the Internet, mishearing song lyrics used to be a condition you couldn't recover from. There weren't websites or YouTube videos where you could look up the song lyrics to determine what was actually said, so you got people making up lyrics to Golden Earring's "Twilight Zone" like "Aliens are in my house, feels like they're stealing Floam!" That's a true story, by the way; my family used to love to make up lyrics to that song. We also love to assign our own meaning to songs like "A Whiter Shade of Pale."

Some artists took the time to include lyrics in their CD/cassette releases, but many did not, and even if they did, many of us didn't buy albums. We hit "record" as fast as we could when our favorite songs came on the radio. Kids today really do have some cool resources at their disposal! 

When it comes to Grateful Dead songs, are there any that had lyrics you got wrong until you were able to look them up on the Internet? If so, which songs were they? Share the lyrics and what you thought they said in the chat!

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