Maggie Rogers Grateful Dead Tribute

Check out her look!

Did you check out Lollapalooza? If so, you may have already spotted Maggie Rogers' outfit, which was a tribute to the Grateful Dead. She actually borrowed the ensemble from the Dead's sound engineer's daughter, and fans are loving it. She didn't just tie-dye something new (or buy it new, either), but actually chose an outfit with a historical significance. 

It's not that she's even just representing; a quick goole of celebrities wearing Grateful Dead apparel will get you dozens of results. Everyone is a fan, so why wouldn't it? I have a few shirts in my house, and the one thing I brought my dad back from San Francisco was a t-shirt straight from the Haight-Ashbury District. But this is authentic clothing that went on tour with Jerry and the band, that saw so much.  It really is pretty special.

Do you have any special Grateful Dead gear at your house? Tell us about it in the chat.

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