John Mayer's First Time

With Bob Weir, Of Course

If you've always wanted to hear how Dead & Co. got started, you should definitely check ou tthis video of John Mayer playing with Bob Weir for the first time on the Late Show. It's a great performance, but it's also a piece of the Dead's history. Mayer seems to be the longest running stand-in after Garcia shuffled off this mortal coil of dancing bears in 1995 and perhaps he'll be around much longer, too.

It's been a surprising journey, to be sure. As this article reports, many fans didn't think Mayer could do them justice, and it's still kind of a shock that he's been able to pull it off this long. He seems to be growing as a performer and he may continue to surprise us yet.

What do you think of the performance? Did it demonstrate where they'd be today? Share your thoughts in the chat!

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