Introduction to The Dead

What would you recommend?

A lot of parents enjoy sharing their love of music with their kids and teenagers, and I'm no different. We like to dive into an artist, playing a bunch of their songs and looking up different facts, videos and information about them. Many times, this is simple, especially if it's just one artist, but with a group as longstanding as the Dead, it can be tricky.

While I think it's pretty straightforward to give an overview of the Grateful Dead, especially to a kid already familiar with their music, I think it's much harder to express the influence the band has had on American culture, and continues to have until this day. While some bands get a lot of coverage and shout outs for doing just that (the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, etc.), the Dead is more complicated, with fewer pop chart toppers and more feels--more dedicated fans not only to the music but the lifestyle.

So how do you go about introducing the Dead to kids and teens? What resources have you used, or how have you described it?

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