Grateful Dead Valentines

What did you get?

Valentine ideas for a Grateful Dead fan are just about endless (including some beautiful graphics) and they're not hard to find, but some of the coolest ones can be found on Etsy where fans can get one-of-a-kind items and unique gifts not found in the store. The adorable "Mama Bear" shirt depicting the famous rainbow bear is a great present for Deadhead moms and Deadhead dog collars are perfect for your pooch.

If you waited until the last minute for a gift, you can always make a Grateful Dead playlist on Spotify for someone you care about, or print out some of the album covers and use them for keychains, photo frames and other DIY gifts. You still have plenty of time if you're going to meet up with your sweetheart this evening!

What kinds of Grateful Dead items did you get for your sweetie this year? Share them in the chat!


photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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