Grateful Dead Store

Which one is your favorite?

Obviously the best place to find Grateful Dead merchandise is the official Grateful Dead Store, where you can find t-shirts, messenger bags, hats and all kinds of Deadhead goodies that you can wear or use every day. But there are so many smaller shops, online sellers and other sources of merch that it's worth sharing all of our favorites in one place! 

Sunshine Daydream is an obvious one, and they always have a nice stock of Grateful Dead merchandise in addition to their other many hippie items. Etsy is a great place to find more specific items, like this camp chair made by Gypsy on the Move. Patches, earrings, cufflinks, cell phone cases... all of these things and more can be found there.

So where is your favorite place to buy Grateful Dead stuff? Share it in the chat!

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