Grateful Dead Speculation

It's interesting to think about...

The Chicago Tribune is running a piece about what the Grateful Dead's next album might have sounded like had they had a chance to make one, which has my mind spinning. How about yours? Think of the possibilities here--not only in terms of that album and other albums that might have been made, but with the band's work in general.

Would they have become involved in today's politics? I might have been able to see them perform, which would have been incredible. I have friends who saw them dozens of times and I can't help but feel a wee bit envious! What would an album made in 2020 sound like? The music industry has changed so much since the 90s that I can really envision both positive and negative scenarios here.

So daydream with me: what do you think a new Dead album would be like? What do you think the band would be like if Jerry were still with us?

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