Grateful Dead Quizzes

How well do you know The Dead?

You know you're a lover of the Grateful Dead, but how big of a Deadhead are you? Could you ace a comprehensive test about Garcia and the gang? It's perfectly fine to be a non-knowledgeable fan who simply appreciates a good song; the world is full of too many geeks who enjoy out-geeking each other and calling out "fake" fans. But if you are a rabid fan and you think you want to test your trivia knowledge, these quizzes might be a fun place to start:

How Stuff Works has a great Ultimate Grateful Dead quiz complete with photos, which always makes it more fun. If you know how they chose their name, how many albums they've sold worldwide and how many people have been in the band over the years, head over and see how you do!

Quiz Head has a pretty specific quiz, with the first question asking how many shows the Dead played between 1965 and 1995. Can you take a guess?

So how did you do? Which one did you like best, and do you have any other Grateful Dead quizzes that you would suggest?

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