Grateful Dead Fashion

How has the band inspired yours?

Many people are talking about the influence of the Grateful Dead on fashion in general, and this piece tackles that topic quite well. But what I want to know is how your experiences with the Grateful Dead have  influenced your own fashion style! Whether you've incorporated more tie-dye into your attired, you've implemented Dead logos onto your clothing and accessories or just modeled the band in your own casual groove, you've probably been influenced more than you think.

But we can say that about just about any band, right? From Nirvana to KISS, just about every big band has had some fashion influence over their biggest fans, particularly when they have such iconic flair themselves. The Dead's look matches their sound so well that the two are pretty much inseperable, and after hearing one song you kind of want to go tie dye your pants.

So what are the ways in which your own clothing and style have been influenced by the Grateful Dead? Share your thoughts in the chat! 

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