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Lately I've been joining a few cool DIY decor groups on Facebook (mostly gothic oriented) and along the way I've been running across some really awesome Grateful Dead finds, like these adorable throw pillows and this yard sign that I love SO much. I love how our tech allows us to share all of our cool decorating ideas, projects and yes, items for sale. I miss a lot of the local flea markets, sure (the farmer's market has actually taken the place of those, or so it seems in my neck of the woods), but we can access so many more artists through the Internet.

I was hoping other Deadheads might be willing to share where they get their decor or if they sell any DIY items, to share their links here. We'd love to see what you're making and all of the little touches you add to your home that remind you of Jerry and the Dead. Do you have linens, knicknacks, artwork or other items?

Share your Dead decor in the chat!

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