Grateful Dead Countdown Calendar

Try making this as a gift!

Countdown calendars are my favorite. I make them for my kid for Valentine's Day, Halloween and Christmas, and I've done them for gifts and birthdays, too. I love making little items that I know a person will love and putting them in little envelopes or craft boxes with dividers with tissue paper covering them up for each day, and I think that would make such a great gift for a Grateful Dead fan.

You'd have to make or collect lots of tiny items, from skulls to dancing bears. Be creative! Add your own artwork and place in song lyrics in some boxes, or fold up a tie-dye headband for an item. You could totally use a pre-made box like this one, but I heartily suggest making your own. If you use a clear craft box and lots of colorful tissue paper you might even be able to make a tie-dye effect.

What are you giving your favorite Grateful Dead fans this year? Share your ideas in the chat.

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