Grateful Dead Beer

It's coming

If you thought you were the owner to every Grateful Dead themed item on the planet, you're in for a fun surprise: you'll have more to add to your collection once the Grateful Dead beer is released! Dogfish Head, a Delaware brewing company, is creating a new Grateful Dead themed beer known as American Beauty. The beverage will be a pale ale with, get this, granola in the brewing process. How fitting! The new brew will also feature wildflower honey in its signature flavor, which is also perfect for the name and association.

The beer, which is 6.5 percent ABV, will be available as six-pack bottles next year. It's not the first band that Dogfish Head is honoring with a brew and it certainly won't be the last, but for Deadheads it's pretty exciting news. Now we know what we want to enjoy during the next tour! 

Have you ever enjoyed any Grateful Dead themed foods or beverages? Share them in the chat!

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