Dave's Picks Close This Week

Get your goodies while they last

Deadheads, if you haven't already scored a subscription to all of next year's limited editions from Dave's Picks, now is the time to head on over and grab the deal while it lasts. For less than $120, you get everything that's being released in February, including four volumes of Dave's Picks (volumes 29 through 32) and an instant graphic download. If you've missed all of Dave's Picks over the past few years, this is the perfect way to nab them up or give them to someone you love who also loves the Dead.

For domestic orders, it looks like there's also free shipping, and you also get a collectible bonus disc in the package. You'll also get quarterly deliveries throughout the year, making it a beautiful surprise to help you survive the year. 

What are you getting your Grateful Dead fan friends this year?

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