Dads Create Grateful Dead Cover Band

Stories like these truly keep Garcia alive

When do we ever not need a bit of hope and healing? I'd say that in times like these we need them more than ever, but I think that's probably been true in most years. Okay, maybe the year Obama was elected was full of lots of hope and good feeling, but we could always use a dose of the Dead. This group of dads from Chapel Hill, NC is keeping the spirit of the Dead alive by covering Grateful Dead songs in their cover band, the Loose Lucies. While the dads say that the band gives them stress relief and just feels good all around, we know that they are bringing those same feelings to the people who listen to them play.

The band's lead guitarist, Jon Abramowitz, is a professor at UNC when he's not playing Jerry's songs for a crowd. He says his favorite performance is always his last one, which just proves that it's a continuous joyous experience for the band and for the fans they play for.

Do you have a favorite cover band who helps you feel better? Share their video links below.

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