Cyclones Have Grateful Dead Night

Get your tickets for July 6

If you're going to be in the Brooklyn area in early July, you might want to nab some Brooklyn Cyclone tickets. On July 6 the team will host their Grateful Dead Night! The event will be during a homegame at the MCU Park. If you attend that night, you'll get a tie-dye cap! 

That's not the only giveaway, though. Everyone will be entered to win a special prize package as well. There will also be all-you-can-drink hours during the game if you buy a package, and you can opt for booze or soft drinks. It will be against the New York Mets should it should be a great game! 

Will you be going to the theme night? If not, are there any other upcoming Grateful Dead nights you want to share? Post them in the chat!

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