Cap Hearts The Dead

The latest Grateful Dead Fan is a Marvel Favorite

Hailing Hyra or not, Captain America has long been one of the most beloved superheroes of the Marvel fandom of all time and many years ago it was revealed that Cap loves the Grateful Dead. In a panel where Cap is chatting on the phone with Peggy Rogers of Agents of SHIELD, the Dead is mentioned and Cap surmises to himself that there should be more Deadheads in the nation. Whoohoo!

Jerry Garcia and company knew about the nod and loved it, pompting them to start the Grateful Dead Comix for fans. It is a special mention since most comic books don't mention specific band names and may only provide a lyric or two, leaving readers to guess. 

Do you know of any other great comic books or fictional characters that hail the Dead? Share them in the chat.


photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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