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One of my favorite Grateful Dead fans and I got into a friendly argument the other day. She really enjoys Pandora since it introduces her to new music she loves and suggests new bands and singers based on her love for Jerry Garcia and company. I, on the other hand, prefer to stick to the classics, opting for YouTube or Spotify playlists to enjoy my music without learning about new performers. That's not because I don't enjoy them, but because I'd rather seek them out when I feel like listening to something new. When it comes to skulls and magnolias, I want the original, you know?

Still another friend insisted that vinyl was the only way to enjoy the classics, and we both had to laugh, anticipating his opinion. There's nothing wrong with records; I love them and have lots of fond memories listening to them with my then-boyfriend, now-husband as we held hands in the dark and just enjoyed the sound, one of our favorite things to do as teens. But they're not exactly portable, are they? And it's nice that our friend can listen to them at home, as can we, but as busy moms constantly on the go, we need something a bit more practical.

So how about it? What is your favorite way to enjoy your music?

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