Best Deadhead Fan Goodies

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One of the best things about a DIY economy is that we all get to experience one another's unique talents. Sites like Etsy and eBay give us the chance to market our goods around the world, and the Internet itself lets us set up shop from anywhere, anytime. While that's unfortunate for the local shop, it does mean that we get to try cool fan-made items from clothing to fragrance lines.

My favorite scents, for example, aren't available at the store, but on Etsy, where people blend oils and create cool new fan scents. Yep, you can find Grateful Dead body mist on Etsy. You can also find Botanical Body Oils, t-shirts, jewelry, candles and other band-inspired goodies. 

Do you make your own Grateful Dead goodies, or know of a great seller you'd like to suggest? Share your links in the chat!

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