American Beauty Crosley Record Player

Perfect for your Grateful Dead tunes (and others)

I think it's safe to say that many Grateful Dead fans have some sort of record player at home, especially if you're from a generation who was able to actually go and see Jerry and co. perform in person, but for those who don't and want to get one or want to give one as a gift, this American Beauty Crosley player is the perfect idea! It's from Dogfish Head and it features their logo as well as the iconic dancing bears. It's the perfect record player for your Dead albums as well as others.

It's got the classic suitcase look with built in speakers so it's totally portable, but I can't get over these amazing colors! My record player is black so you know I want this beautiful player, and as a kid I had one like this model but in in plain pink. You can also plug it into a separate sound system for louder play!

What do you think of this record player? Would you buy it?

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