95 Jerry Garcia Ties

Greg Baron gets all the bragging rights

I've met a few people who followed the Grateful Dead around the country. I had a colleague who even sold tie-dye t-shirts out of their car while on the road with the band. But I have to tip my hat to their piano tuner, Greg Baron, who spent many years traveling with the band and has 95 Jerry Garcia ties to commemorate those times. 

What wonderful memories this man must have after spending so much time with the Dead, and how cool that he has all of these ties, which are now on display at the library for patrons to see. He said that it was a full-time job, tuning the piano, as just a single set could throw it out of tune, so he had to be readily available at each show.

Do you have any cool memories from your times at Grateful Dead shows? How about 95 ties, t-shirts or anything else? Share your collections and recollections in the chat!

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