Bob Weir Named Goodwill Ambassador

Platform to include poverty and climate change

Great news for Deadheads! Bob Weir has been selected to serve as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador! Some of you may even be saying it's about time, given not only Weir's nature but also his status as a founding Grateful Dead member. His platform is going to center around climate change and poverty with a special focus on renewable energy and deforestation, among other key areas.

Weir sounded positive and determined in the press release, saying that we have to make sure this planet sustains furture generations. We here at Grateful Dead Music hope that his work helps mobilize voters, especially given the current political climate and the United States' failure to act on these issues altogether.

What do you think the biggest issues surrounding poverty and climate change are? Share your thoughts in the chat.


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Colleen Mellors's picture

Colleen Mellors

I hope more emphasis will be placed on the ultimate damage caused by meat eating. The number of charities funded by the corporate meat industry is disturbing. Congratulations and best of luck to Mr Weir as a UN Goodwill Ambassador.


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