Chris Robinson is Not a Fan

Former Black Crowes Lead Has Lots to Say

Ex Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson is not a fan of John Mayer's Grateful Dead. Recently on the Howard Stern Show, he called the Grateful Dead "a giant nipple that everyone sucks off to get money." He went on to call Jerry Garcia one of his heroes, saying that John Mayer is the anti-Garcia, standing for everything that is the opposite of what Garcia stood for during his lifetime. He also stated that Garcia was a unique musician who changed the world while Mayer's style of playing is nothing new, merely a copy of Garcia's songs.

Interesting criticisms! What do you think of what Robinson says about John Mayers?

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You should keep your negativity to yourself Chris. It's about what the band wants and this is obviously it at the moment. Wether you like his style of playing or not just spread love and b happy


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