Amir Bar Lev: Jerry is the Anti-Trump

Hear the rest of what the "Long Strange Trip" director has to say

If you have any lingering thoughts on what Amir Bar Lev might think about Jerry Garcia after watching "Long Strange Trip," you need to put on your headset or insert your earbuds and listen to this episode of Sit Down with Alfred and Chris. In it, he discusses all of the different ways that Jerry Garcia was the exact opposite of Donald Trump, calling him "the anti-Trump." It's really too bad Jerry's not around anymore.

In the pod, they also talk about how Jerry was a man of humility. It's a great discussion worth listening to if you have some time and want to think about the process behind "Long Strange Trip," the person who made it and the Dead in general. If you listen to the pod be sure to share your thoughts about it in the chat below.

Do you know of any other great podcasts that discuss the Grateful Dead that have been made recently? If so be sure to share them in the chat, too.

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Interesting. This is a thought that lately I've had a no. of times, too. Jerry was the Anti-Trump in soooo many ways. Humble. Playful. Played so well with others (listened to them, responded, shared the song or jam). A rebel of optimism and humor, not of control and destruction. Such a big heart, you can hear it in his interviews and his music, whereas Trump's heart (at least in the public domain) is obviously pretty much like a dried-up lima bean. Jerry was about the craft of making art, and Trump about the art of simply branding, bragging, bullshitting, and bullying.
Jerry was generous- so many stories of his helping out others with hardly a thought for himself. I can think of so many others who weren't and aren't.


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