Favorite Cover Bands

We all love a good Grateful Dead tribute band, but some bands are so much better than others. Some bands have their own unique take on everything while others sound close enough to be uncanny (but still not Jerry!). It's wonderful that every area seems to have its own favorite tribute band or artist, and many bands have developed their own cult followings. 

Big Boss Man

For those of you who follow the Grateful Dead on Twitter, you're used to the regular treats like swag updates, concerts and tribute band schedules and, possibly the best gifts of all, links to old shows that you can watch from the comfort of your own home, often on YouTube. Today is no exception with the gift of the performance of "Big Boss Man" from the June 16, 1990 concert in Mountain View, California!

Jerry Garcia: Secret Space of Dreams

Jay Blakesberg has a new book coming out called Jerry Garcia: Secret Space of Dreams, and the photographer says that this photography book will release on October 15. John Mayer wrote the forward to the book, and Dave Schools, David Gans and Trixie Garcia all also wrote bits. According to Blakesberg, the book will chronicle Garcia's life from the middle of his career until the end of his life.

Which Bands Are Similar To The Grateful Dead?

If you're listening to Pandora or a similar app that suggests songs based on what you like, you might already know a lot of bands that sounds like the Grateful Dead simply based on those recommendations. Maybe you've searched for some on your own, or maybe you're looking for some now. It's always nice to find new music you like, and if their sound is similar to The Dead (which, let's face it, isn't 100% possible, but they can be in the same ballpark!), they're bound to be enjoyable, right?

John Fogerty's Remarks About Grateful Dead

According to John Fogerty, the Grateful Dead "sabotaged" Creedence Clearwater Revival's chances at Woodstock. He says the band was only supposed to perform for 45 minutes, but they did an entire extra set, doubling their time and leaving CCR to perform after 2 AM, when audiences were tired and no longer interested. He says it was a great set, but people were beyond caring at that point.

Misheard Song Lyrics

For anyone who lived before the Internet, mishearing song lyrics used to be a condition you couldn't recover from. There weren't websites or YouTube videos where you could look up the song lyrics to determine what was actually said, so you got people making up lyrics to Golden Earring's "Twilight Zone" like "Aliens are in my house, feels like they're stealing Floam!" That's a true story, by the way; my family used to love to make up lyrics to that song. We also love to assign our own meaning to songs like "A Whiter Shade of Pale."

Maggie Rogers Grateful Dead Tribute

Did you check out Lollapalooza? If so, you may have already spotted Maggie Rogers' outfit, which was a tribute to the Grateful Dead. She actually borrowed the ensemble from the Dead's sound engineer's daughter, and fans are loving it. She didn't just tie-dye something new (or buy it new, either), but actually chose an outfit with a historical significance. 

John Mayer's First Time

If you've always wanted to hear how Dead & Co. got started, you should definitely check ou tthis video of John Mayer playing with Bob Weir for the first time on the Late Show. It's a great performance, but it's also a piece of the Dead's history. Mayer seems to be the longest running stand-in after Garcia shuffled off this mortal coil of dancing bears in 1995 and perhaps he'll be around much longer, too.

Box of Rain

If you were at the JFK Stadium in Philadelphia on July 7, 1989, you were lucky enough to hear the Grateful Dead play "Box of Rain" after it had been virtually retired for over a decade. For the rest of us, we can still check it out in this All the Years Live video of Phil Lesh. If you haven't already, check it out.


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