Nancy Pelosi Is A Big Fan Of The Grateful Dead

Did you know that Nancy Pelosi is a huge fan of the Grateful Dead? Mickey Hart was even at the representative's swearing-in this year! Hart was present for a party during Pelosi's first swear-in as speaker of the House along with fellow Dead mates Bob Weir, Bruce Hornsby, Warren Hayes, Bill Kreutzmann, and Mike Gordon, too. Naturally they played at the D.C. event, which many other celebrities also attended. 

Weekly Grateful Dead Thursdays

Monterey nightclub Planet Gemini might not be near you, but that doesn't mean that their weekly Grateful Dead Thursdays, a new staple at the club, can't be for you, too! Travel to Planet Gemini to enjoy the celebration or just mark Grateful Dead Thursdays on your calendar and play your favorites every week. Invite friends, have a potluck or games and make it a thing!

The Best Way To Enjoy The Dead

One of my favorite Grateful Dead fans and I got into a friendly argument the other day. She really enjoys Pandora since it introduces her to new music she loves and suggests new bands and singers based on her love for Jerry Garcia and company. I, on the other hand, prefer to stick to the classics, opting for YouTube or Spotify playlists to enjoy my music without learning about new performers.

2019 Skull & Roses Festival Lineup Announced

If you love yourself some Dead-inspired bands and tribute bands, you have to make it to this year's Skull & Roses Festival in Ventura, California. For the third year, this festival will celebrate the Grateful Dead in a way that only those who love it can, complete with the oneness vibe you once could get at Grateful Dead concerts. Performances will include those by Rebirth Brass Band, Oteil & Friends, The Alligators, Shaky Feelin and so many other acts that it's just not to be missed.

Dead & Company Set List

Is it odd that we've never heard Dead & Company sing "Alligator"? It's one of the band's most beloved songs, yet the spinoff group, made up of several original band members as well as new faces like John Mayer, has yet to perform the song in one of their many concerts. Many fans are wondering if they will be one of the first to hear them play "Alligator" live at one of the band's summer 2019 concerts. 

Grateful Dead Social Media Designs

If you love dressing up y profile page to display your love of all things Grateful Dead, this is the source of cool profile bling for you! These awesome Grateful Dead cover and photo art are Christmas-themed and perfect for your Facebook, Twitter and other profiles. A skeleton as Santa with dancing bear reindeer? Um, yes, please.

Tie-Dye Methods

With the holidays coming up, many of us are turning to Grateful Dead merch for our loved ones, but what if we went a little more personal this year? In honor of the Dead, we could each tie-dye our own item to give with a personal touch. The benefits of this aren't limited to personalization, either; you can pick out just the right item for the person you're making it for, like a bag, bandana, t-shirt or hat. The question is, how will you tie-dye?

30 Days of Dead

Deadheads, you know what month it is! It's time for 30 Days of Dead, when we can all get FREE downloads at every day. Visit the site each day to find out which of the 30 tracks you can download and be sure to scoop them up while they're here. 30 Days of Dead kicked off this year with 14 minutes of "China Cat Sunflower" and "I Know You Rider." Be sure to get in on the contests and giveaways throughout the month, such as guessing which venue tracks take place in order to receive free Grateful Dead swag. 

Grateful Dead Quizzes

You know you're a lover of the Grateful Dead, but how big of a Deadhead are you? Could you ace a comprehensive test about Garcia and the gang? It's perfectly fine to be a non-knowledgeable fan who simply appreciates a good song; the world is full of too many geeks who enjoy out-geeking each other and calling out "fake" fans. But if you are a rabid fan and you think you want to test your trivia knowledge, these quizzes might be a fun place to start:


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