Grateful Dead Countdown Calendar

Countdown calendars are my favorite. I make them for my kid for Valentine's Day, Halloween and Christmas, and I've done them for gifts and birthdays, too. I love making little items that I know a person will love and putting them in little envelopes or craft boxes with dividers with tissue paper covering them up for each day, and I think that would make such a great gift for a Grateful Dead fan.

Grateful Dead Costumes

Grateful Dead fans love dressing the part, especially when it means super comfy jeans and tie-dye shirts. In fact, I just bought my tie-dye loving niece a kit for her birthday so she can wear some Grateful Dead swag whenever she wants! But what about honoring Jerry and the gang for Halloween? First of all, do you think it's honoring them if you're dressing up as real people? Some people say yes and some say no, and in this case it may only be down to the manner in which you dress and respect each member. 

White Sox Grateful Dead Night

Grateful Dead theme nights are the best, and the Chicago White Sox just announced their next one: it will take place on Tuesday, July 2 against the Detroit Tigers. The first 1,500 tickets purchased will receive limited edition Grateful Dead White Sox hats, which sound like a really cool deal. And of course they will be playing the Dead's music throughout the night as part of the theme. 

Grateful Dead Home Goods

A teacher of mine used to have an entire wall decorated with a Grateful Dead tapestry and it was probably his favorite home good in his entire house. It's these simple, functional items in our homes that really demonstrate our love for our favorite bands and make where we live more of a sanctuary at the same time. The fun thing about home good fan items is that they're often unexpected treasures that people would never see coming as gifts, too!

A Deadhead Halloween

Holy Cherry Garcia, Batman. If you think your Halloween wasn't going to feature the Dead, you haven't been on Pinterest! There are so many cool Grateful Dead memes, costumes and decorations that you'll feel like you're at a concert in no time. Oh yes, there are dancing bear jack-o-lanterns! It wouldn't be Halloween without them. But there are also pumpkins with Jerry's face, other desingns and, of course, some of the coolest costumes you'll ever find.

It's the Great Pumpkin, Jerry Garcia!

A Grateful Dead Dancing Bear for Halloween? Absolutely! If you're looking for a great way to celebrate your favorite band AND celebrate the best holiday of the year, a Dancing Bear costume is the perfect way to do both at the same time. There are even youth size costumes so you can make an entire family of Dancing Bears if your heart so desires. These costumes are pretty versatile so you could also use them throughout the year, unlike other "spookier" costumes.

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