A Deadhead Halloween

Holy Cherry Garcia, Batman. If you think your Halloween wasn't going to feature the Dead, you haven't been on Pinterest! There are so many cool Grateful Dead memes, costumes and decorations that you'll feel like you're at a concert in no time. Oh yes, there are dancing bear jack-o-lanterns! It wouldn't be Halloween without them. But there are also pumpkins with Jerry's face, other desingns and, of course, some of the coolest costumes you'll ever find.

Grateful Dead Quizzes

You know you're a lover of the Grateful Dead, but how big of a Deadhead are you? Could you ace a comprehensive test about Garcia and the gang? It's perfectly fine to be a non-knowledgeable fan who simply appreciates a good song; the world is full of too many geeks who enjoy out-geeking each other and calling out "fake" fans. But if you are a rabid fan and you think you want to test your trivia knowledge, these quizzes might be a fun place to start:

Pop Culture Inspired by The Dead

Has there ever been another band with as much influence on pop culture as the Grateful Dead? I can think of very few: the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Elvis, maybe. But the Dead have inspired cartoon plots, movie one-liners, and even ice cream flavors. Their dancing bears have become synonymous with hippie culture and you pretty much can't walk into any head shop without encountering a Grateful Dead symbol. 

Best Grateful Dead Tribute Band

It takes a lot to make a tribute band work. It's not just about re-singing all of the hits of the band you cover. You have to really know and really love the band, appreciate it as a whole and understand how the band's dynamics work just as well as its musical history. That's what makes a great cover band: the seamless integration that makes you forget that you're even at a cover concert. That said, a great cover band can also add new life and inspiration to a band's set list by infusing it with modern touches and their own style.

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