The Best Dead Memes

Would Jerry Garcia appreciate an Internet meme? It's an interesting question. He might like the playfulness and color associated with memes, but that is probably where his appreciation would stop. Even so, memes are not just about what's modern and hip anymore. Many memes are taking a turn down nostalgic lane, incorporating both the old and new to create fresh jabs and jokes that most generations can appreciate.

Chris Robinson is Not a Fan

Ex Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson is not a fan of John Mayer's Grateful Dead. Recently on the Howard Stern Show, he called the Grateful Dead "a giant nipple that everyone sucks off to get money." He went on to call Jerry Garcia one of his heroes, saying that John Mayer is the anti-Garcia, standing for everything that is the opposite of what Garcia stood for during his lifetime.

Famous Deadheads

There's just something about Deadheads and the way Garcia and company bring them together. No matter where you're from, what you do and what you believe, once you connect as fellow Deadheads, you feel a sort of kindred connection that just overrides everything else. It's too bad that global problems can't be solved so simply.

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