Start a Grateful Dead Club in Three Easy Steps

Start a Grateful Dead Club in Three Easy Steps

The Deadheads are Everywhere--You Just Have to Find Them!

Do you miss the days of traveling around from show to show? Do you long for those lost moments of hanging out in the happy haze with your Deadhead buddies? If you've been feeling lonely lately, take action! It's true that the Dead, and their fans, are everywhere, and it's really not too hard to round them up for a good time. Here's what you need to know to start a Grateful Dead club in your own area in three easy steps.

First, decide what sort of group you want to have. Do you want your club to be open to everyone, or would you prefer a more elite, invitation-only set up? Would you like to hang out listening to old Dead shows, go to live jam band performances, or organize massive music swaps? Think about what you want to do and who you want to do it with.

Next, think of a name for your club. Look to Dead band members, history, lyrics, symbols, and song titles for inspiration. Make sure the name is catchy and not too cumbersome, easy to spell and say out loud. It doesn't hurt if the name looks cool written out, too—you never know when you might want to create a club t-shirt or other paraphernalia!

Finally, get the word out about your club. Advertise online via social networks and forums, and consider using a site like or a group email service such as to help you get organized. Make flyers or postcards and ask around at local record stores, coffee shops, smoke shops, and other friendly venues to see if you can leave your info for anyone who might be interested.

Your club will be as good as you make it. Be sure to have some sweet Grateful Dead music, plenty of snacks, and fun conversation starters on hand, and get ready to have a great time.